Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial- "Decorated Cork Coasters"

The theme for this months Tuesday Tutorials is "Party Favors & Decorations"!
So I thought it would be fun to show you just how easy it to make drink coasters.
All the items shown above, (click on photo for close up) can be purchased at once from your favorite craft shop. Coaster base is a must but does not have to be wood. It can be acrylic, plastic, tile or other cut wood if you are handy with a saw. I don't recommend any other glue besides multipurpose tacky glue- for the cork, because you need it to go on thick, then dry flat and clear.

Begin by tracing your base onto the cork sheet with a ball point pen. Don't worry if the cork curls up, it will set flat in the end. Make your design big and bold and try to limit your colors. Too much detail can easily be ruined when you go back with the outline marker. - If this happen, just flip it over and re-create.
You'll want to use permanent pens because they won't bleed when your drink glass perspires. But because the cork is porous, you'll want to take breaks inbetween colors to give the pen a chance to re-ink it self, or just have multiple pens of that color on hand.
When you have finished coloring, use a fine tip black pen to outline all the details. Then start filling in the background.
Please click on the above photo for a close up if needed.
You will need to cut out your coaster and save the corners for the coaster bottom, or "feet". Turn over and add alot of glue. Don't apply it to close to the edges or it will squeeze out in a messy way when attached to the base.
Attach cork bottoms, sign your piece and while face down, put a heavy book, (I used a big cook book) on top for a couple of hours to set.

This is fun for all ages and would even be a fun craft at a party for guests to do. They can decorate and take home their own creations!
The giveaway for this week will be enough cork to make 4 coasters.
Please leave a comment here for a chance to win.
Every Tuesday I'll post a new project with a new giveaway.
Each comment you leave per that months Tuesday Tutorials will increase your chances of winning the months worth of projects! The catch is...I need to be able to reach you in case you win. So please leave your e-mail, Fiskateer #, e-mail or full name in case I actually know you.
Thanks, and Good luck!


Kaneka said...

Very cool...I'm learning so much from you. Wish I had more time to do them all.

Vic said...

Great idea! TFS


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