Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Tutorial- "Ribbon Head Bands"

The tutorial for this week is how to make Ribbon Head Bands!
Look in the photo above.
Easy huh?
Simply sort through your stash of ribbons, making sure you pick ones at least 1/2" wide. Measure the ribbon for your head and cut it at least 2" smaller then a full width of your head.
Find some large pony tail holders and hand sew the ends of the ribbon to each side.

You can then wear it just like a average head band, or put your hair into the pony tail as you would normally do, then neatly place the ribbon part on your head.
Secure in place with a pretty hair clip if desired.
These two pretty head bands will be added to this months giveaway. :)
Just leave a comment here and then visit these other posts to increase your chances of winning everything posted for June.
week 1- decorated coasters,
week 2 - soda can star lights
week 3 - dried citrus
Good luck!


Mama On the Move said...

Will you be selling these beauties????

Vic said...

Those are so sweet! TFS

Rhea said...

I am so inspired. I just went to a crafty gathering and we hand dyed silk ribbons. What a cool idea for the pile of amazing ribbons I made last night. Thanks for sharing with us!


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