Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Comic Con 2011 - Part 2 of 3

I was overjoyed to see some fabulous Steam Punk Characters at Comic Con!
I'm very much into steam Punk and hope to use these photos as inspiration when I create my attire for my first event at the end of this month!
(don't forget to click the photos for a better view!)

Star Wars is another hit, not just with me, but with Dyllan .
Look who we ran into! Kermit the Jedi frog! :)

This VW Passat was decorated entirely with Sharpie markers by Amazing artist,Ken Lashley!

Boba Fett is made out of Lego's!

I like how they tilted the head on this torso...

So that's all of Comic Con for today, but come back tomorrow for all the really fun photo's.
See Ya!

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