Saturday, November 10, 2012

Holiday Sequin Ornament

 Recently I was asked to try a great new product called Smoothfoam
It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes from small balls, eggs, hollow shapes, wreaths and sheets.
It it very smooth making it perfect to paint, sand, and cut.
I chose to make a sequined ornament, similar to ones I had when I was little.

 To get started, you will need 2" balls of Smoothfoam
Gold or silver sequin pins, assorted colors and sizes of sequins, and ribbon.
 First tie a length of ribbon around your Smoothfoam ™ ball. Tie a knot then tie at the top so you can hang your ornament once completed. Layer your sequins onto the pins and easily push into the ball along the ribbon. This will help secure the ribbon while you work. Add more pins and sequins filling in the gaps as you work.
 When you have covered the entire ball, double check and push in any loose pins.
Hang and enjoy!
You can find Smoothfoam ™  and all these supplies at any major craft stores.
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