Monday, March 4, 2013

Designers Craft Challenge - Favorite Craft Technique!

Hi Everyone!
This months theme for the Designers Craft Challenge group is:
Favorite Technique.
I could not choose between rosette flowers and packing tape transfers, so I thought to show you both!
Materials needed:
Double sided tape, choice material or paper to make rosette (cut in 1" strips), 
For the rosette flower, you'll need a 2" piece of double sided tape. If you don't have some this size, you can make your own from the glossy backing of a sticker sheet. Place some regular double sided tape onto the shiny side of a  2" circle of sticker sheet. Now you are ready!
Begin by pleating your fabric strips in a circle. Cut more stripes as needed and continue around, pressing the fabric into the tape until you reach the center.

Gently peel off the backing.
Add some glue to the center of the flower and add your dew drops.
Materials Needed:
Packaging Tape Transfer:
*Your widest clear packing/shipping tape
*Inkjet images
*Small precision scissors, preferably non-stick.
*A shallow dish with water
*Dish Towel
  ( I get my images printed at kinkos. I use their color copy machine for any images in color and black/white. - if I were to use my normal home printer, the colors would just dissolve.)
Begin by cutting out your image. If you have a little white paper showing, this will just turn clear. Next pull out a a piece of the clear tape. Place your image, ink side down onto the sticky part of the tape. Run over the image with your finger to remove any bubbles.

Place your tape, sticky side up into your water. push down to completely submerge. When you see the piece start to get saturated as in the photo above, pick it up and gently with your thumb, rub off the paper. It will come off in rolls, revealing the see through image.
Continue dunking in the water to saturate as this process does not work when dry. When you think you have removed all the paper, place the piece on the dish towel sticky side up. After a minute or two, you will see where you might have missed some paper. Continue the saturation process, carefully not to rub off any of the image. Then place the image sticky side down onto your dish towel and give two quick pats before turning over to dry.
When dry, the tape will regain it's stickyness, and then you have created a custom transparent sticker!
In the above photo, I have overlapped two pieces of tracking tape to fit a larger clip art image.
Then I placed everything onto a decorated gift bag. The reciever of the gift absolutely loved it!
Thanks for coming by, I hope you have enjoyed this. Sorry it was long! Please visit the rest of the designers for some more crafty fun and don't forget about the giveaway!

 To enter to win, hop through the DCC blogs and leave a comment on the blogs featuring your favorite technique, or a technique you can't wait to try, then let Julie Mcguffee  know which ones they are by commenting on her blog.  She will  be picking a winner at the end of March, so don't forget to check back.  Good Luck! 
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