Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Airbrushing with Spectrum Noir pens

 Last night I sat down and decided I needed to start making "Thank You" cards from My Birthday in February. I really wanted to play with this adorable new Elephant stamp from Stampin Up called "Henry says". I could not find my stash of paper scraps so I decided to color him by way of Air Brushing.
I used the wide end of my Spectrum Noir pens and a air spritzer from Stampin Up. The Spritzer is designed to hold generic brush tip pens, like the kind I use to color my stamps before stamping...but the square Noir pens don't fit in the round hole on the spritzer. No biggie.

I just hold the pen above where I want color and give the ink tip a blast of air from the Spritzer.
The wetter the pen, the easier the spritz. I also takes break in between spritzing so not to trigger my carpal tunnel in my wrist.

Well that all for now, I''l be sure to post the finished Thank You cards soon!
If you are interested in ordering "Henry Says" or the Spritzer....Let me know and I'll tell you how to get them!

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