Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Yes I "Do" need everything in this tote! :)

People often ask me what I take to a crop or craft event. Once upon a time the list of items was few (10 things) as I was still a beginner, but now has grown long with my skill and supply preference.
Starting with a tote.
I have small ones, big ones, short, wide, many pockets, few pockets...and this one. What I like about this particular tote is that it hold the length of my paper trimmer with out getting in the way of the handles. You can find these online or at places like walmart and big lots. Try to find one with a magnetic lazy susan. It's a life saver!

So what do I put in this tote? Well lets see....
a tape measure, extra wide glue stick, my olive grabber and pom poms. - at least that's what I call it. It's great for getting ink into tight areas. Assorted grades of sand paper, a vintage stapler and staples, pieces of a fat nail file, double stick tape, paper piercer, make up sponges to go with my most used ink pads -vintage,walnut and soot.

a ruler, permanent markers, roller ink pens, zig glue pens, ball point pens, velum writing pens, painty pens, bamboo skewer, chopstick, flat paint brushes, Tool Taxi, embosser, bone folder, and hobby knife.

I have a supplier for the blank tickets and always have a few on hand to add to projects. Yes, I love my tacky glue! I use it for most anything! Band aides...the one time I did not have any in my tote, i cut my finger! Blank envelopes, great for card making, needle nose pliers and wire for my wire art. paper Mod Podge, totally versatile for any craft! My custom glitter (yes I sell it! any color too!) a tab punch, and paper glaze.
A draft brush- great for clearing a work station of small bits, my herma tape runner- one time there were too many of us at the same craft table using the same color herma, so I promptly decorated mine with a white sharpie! Another double stick tape and satin tape, reinforcement labels- great for making mini books, scalloped corner punch, wooden brayer, and old mouse pad. The mouse pad is essential with the paper piercer so you don't poke holes on your work space.Book binding clips, large brayer, dymo caption label maker with 3 removable text wheels- I LOVE this thing and use it all the time! Fingertip craft knife, The mini tackle box is just something to hold my assorted small things- tweezers, drill bits, extra staples, extra blades for my cricut, baubles and charms in progress.
The blue scissors are actually kitchen shears from ikea. I use those for cutting open tough packaging chip board. The other scissors and paper trimmer are by Westcott and I love that are all titanium. Always sharp and always non-stick.
So here is my tote filled up! Amazing huh?
Looks disorganized...but it's all really essential stuff!
Kinda full, i know. But just the way I like it. Plus I know where everything is!

Don't forget, Thursday is the last day for the Sizzix Triple play blog hop!
And on Friday I'll be showcasing a Melody Ross project kit that I made into something all "Me"!!!

Hope to see you soon!

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