Friday, December 24, 2010

Egg Carton Ornaments

This last June, my Mother in law, Susan passed away and I wanted to make something that I knew she would have enjoyed. So I used some vintage glitter she had given me to make these "Egg Carton Ornaments" with Dyllan.

You will need the following:
  1. Empty egg carton, I used 18 ct times 2. Don't use the Styrofoam kind or the paints won't stick.
  2. Gesso- as a primer (totally optional)
  3. Paint color of choice
  4. Mod Podge
  5. Glitter
  6. scissors
  7. paint brush
  8. table protection
  9. containers for paint and mod podge
  10. spray glitter - optional
  11. spray sealer
  12. a bamboo skewer
  13. Tin Foil
  14. assorted colors tulle
  15. sparkly wire trim

Start by trimming away all the egg cartons extra's so you are left with nice bell shapes.

Then mix the gesso with some water so it's not so thick and begin painting the inside and outside of each bell, setting aside to dry as you work.

I had a baby wipe on a plate nearby for Dyllan to help wipe up drips. :)

He had loads of fun painting, can't you tell? :)

To make the bell, I cut 1" strips of tin foil, from the width of the roll. Then I cut 5" pieces of the wire trim.

Working on the non shiny side of the foil, place the end of the trim and fold the foil over.

Bend the wire trim a bit and fold some more foil over that to keep the trim stabilized and unable to easily pull out. Continue wrapping the foil around the end piece with a ball shape starting to form. Be sure to keep the shiny side on the outside.

Keep going till all the foil is used. Use your fingers to mold the foil into a ball shape.

Here are two of the 30 + bell balls I made.

When my gesso bells were dry I gave them a coat of silver paint. These dried fairly quick so I could move on to the glitter part. :)

I coated each of the bells on the outside with Mod Podge. Then I attached a shaker cap to the glitter and generously applied glitter to each bell. I handeled them up as shown to get better glitter coverage and also held them over non glittered pieces so the extra glitter would not go to waste.

I set these in the garage to dry and once done I sprayed them with a sealer. When the sealer had set, I flipped them over and spritzed the inside with some craft glitter spray (from walmart).

Use the bamboo skewer to poke holes in the dry pieces and then thread your bell up through the hole, loop it around your finger and thread it back down through the bell hole. Twist the tail of the wire to the bell trim hiding it inside the bell.

Tie some tulle (I used red, pink, and some greens) on the bell and attach to cookie plates, gifts or decorate your home!

Merry Christmas! I hope you enjoyed my craft!

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