Friday, February 4, 2011

Join us for a STEAMPUNK Charm Swap!

Once again, it's time for another "Charm" swap!
The theme is SteamPunk,
& you are not limited to making ONLY charms!
All materials welcome
as long as the finished pieces
look durable and are wearable!
No size limit.
Make anything that inspires you!
Pendants, rings, cuffs, charms, vest clippings, brooches, ....even spectacles!
This is a list of our participants...
(UPDATE) This Swap is FULL
1. Countess Natalie Batterbee - Me!
2. Estella Boodle
3. Dean Miranda Winterman
4. Mrs. Amethyst Hopperton
5. Ms. Henrietta Lovegrove
6. Countess Amelia Ambrose
7. Ethel C. Beergoggle
8. Her Royal Highness Josephine Granger
9. Swami Sarah Ann Bleese
10. Virginia Midgeley
11.Mrs. Molly Brewer
12. Ambassador Jessamine Addle
13. Speaker Rebecca Kingsland
14. Countess Isabell Cogsmith
15. Captain Mattie Radcliff
16. Elmira Pinch
17. Malekeh Millicent Fielding
18. Consul Penelope Farrier
19. Miss Ester Goodall

What is SteamPunk?
Check out this site for more info.

Make 20 items
and have them delivered to me no later
than April 30th,2011

If your package arrives before the due date,
you will in turn, receive a extra special
SteamPunk gift!

I will be making cuffs for all the participants,
covered in gears, gadgets and vintage bits.

If you are interested in joining in on this swap,
please e-mail me ( altered-art (at) hotmail (dot) com
the following:
Your SteamPunk name found here
Your real name
Your mailing address
I will e-mail you back a confirmation that you are in the swap,
Along with my mailing and shipping info.

Please tell a friend!
And check out our past swaps!

Clip art provided by the Graphics Fairy

See more SteamPunk inspiration here....and here...and here!

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