Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tape Roll "Cuff"

This weeks tutorial is something I've been wanting to make for a long time.
I go through quite a bit of packaging tape in my crafts as well as mailing stuff. When the tape is done and gone, I'm left with the empty roll which is amazingly sturdy and perfect for a Cuff, don't you agree?

To get started, you will need the following.....
1. One empty tape roll. Make sure it fits on your wrist and is not too big.

2. The tackiest glue you have. I used, Aleene's fast grab tacky hold as it works for just about anything.
3. Assorted fabric, soft felt and ribbon scraps.
4. Thread and needle.
5. Buttons and gold leaf pen (optional)
6. Scissors and a ball point pen
7. Tape measure

Begin by marking a line on your tape roll, This will be your start point for measuring and gluing.

Starting at the line, wrap the tape measure all the way around the roll. This roll was just a little over 10" so jotted down on a scrap paper 10 1/2", just to be safe.

For the width across, I made it 2"

Now, I'm what you call a "lazy" crafter. If what I need is not with in immediate reach and I'm all comfortable where I "sit", I make do with what I have. :)
I used the tape measure to mark two rows on the soft felt with the ball point pen.
(by the way...I am not a perfectionist when it comes to anything in the studio. - One being, perfect lacks personalty, & two...perfect does not look handmade.)- That's just my thing.

Cut your felt. I would have liked to use my pinking shears but they were downstairs and I was upstairs, cozy in my chair.

On a normal day this glue is thick. Because it was cold in my house (being winter and all) it was extra thick and tough to squeeze out.

Only apply glue to half of the inside of the roll first. Then spread with your finger evenly. Don't worry the glue is non toxic and peels off your finger nicely when dry...evoking grade school/glue memories... :)

loosely roll your felt strip and begin adhering in to the inside of the tape roll, pressing down and aligning the edges evenly. Apply more glue as needed.

Set aside to dry.

With your other strip of felt, begin by sewing your fabric scraps. You may do this by machine of it pleases you, but it's really a easy hand sewing craft and quick too! Try not to plan the design to much or it will take forever to make. Some of my best works are created with out a "plan". it's more fun that way!

Add some trim here and there. I get this beautiful ruffly red lace at walmart in the fabric section.

Start sorting through your buttons for colors to compliment your cuff. Can you tell I Love buttons? I used to sort them by color, but that took up too much room and I was always forgetting where I put the pink, or the green or...SO I just combined them all in one big bucket.

Let me tell you...it is so therapeutic to immerse my hands in the bucket and just sift and sift finding just the right buttons here and there.

The best part in making the cuff is adding these little extra's.

Now time to adhere to the outside of the cuff. Same way as the inside, but with more glue because the outside of the cuff is a little bit more raw and the glue is quickly absorbed. I also concentrated extra glue towards the edges.

Spread the glue evenly, then carefully adhere the cuff. Go slow because the glue is very unforgiving.

Press down and smooth out any bumps. You can finish off the edges with a gold leaf pen like I did here, or do your own thing...glitter glue, more ribbon trim, or leave blank.

I also accented some of the buttons with the gold leaf pen for a vintage inspired look.

My giveaway for this weeks tutorial will be all the supplies you'll need to make a cuff of your own. If you win you'll receive:
  1. A empty tape roll
  2. Assorted fabric and ribbon trim
  3. Buttons to match
  4. One hand made pin cushion.
On the 1st Tuesday of the following month a winner will be randomly drawn via # generator.
The winner will receive ALL 4 projects made from the previous month.
To increase your chances of winning, feel free to post about my tutorial on your blog,twitter,or FB page. Just send me the link so I can verify.

Comment here and then visit the other tutorials for February.
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Thanks for coming by and good luck!


kathy mc said...

This is very cool Michelle. Thanks for sharing such a great idea.

Susan Link said...

I have always put a roll of tape around my wrist when teaching an art lesson that needs tape. This is a great idea for using up the left over part. I have always thought of making a bracelet out of it but never tried.

Mod Podge Amy said...

Michelle, this is AWESOME! I absolutely love it.

Vic said...


Tami Roth said...

What an adorable project, Michelle! Thank you for sharing!

Emily said...

This is absolutely wonderful! And who would've thought using the tube like that! So very cool! Thanks so much for sharing! I know what my next project is!

Scrapfaire said...

This cuff is awesome and not just because it has red (which I LOVE) in it!


Dang! I just threw out 3 empty spools! lol

jigglipuff7575 said...

What a cool. Project. I am going to have to try it. Thanks


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