Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Ice Museum 2011

This past summer at the Orange County Fair, we visited the Ice Museum, which was on it's second year.
Dyllan and I went 1st thing on a Wednesday before we rode rides all day. Admission is free with your fair entry and you have a option for a insulated blanket to drape over your shoulders or brave the below freezing temps like I did.
My camera kept fogging up so I took photos as quick as I could. Look how cute Dyllan looks with his freezing rosy cheeks. :)
The window sculptures can be seen from outside line, but the view is so much better from inside looking out.
Details are simply amazing!
I love this clam and pearl. Especially when they colored part of the sculpture and lit up the rest with special lights.

Look how graceful this jelly fish looks.

Ice Queen Dominique Colell was there daily with her all women troupe "The Chainsaw Chicks" carving up new sculptures.
We can't wait to go again next summer!

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mish said...

This looks like a great experience and the pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing!


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