September 22, 2011

Festive Christmas "Card" Blog Hop!

 This week for the Festive Christmas Christmas Card "Blog Hop", I played around with some embossing fun!
Materials used: Embossing ink pad, a cornstarch pouch, heat tool,  inks, favorite stamps, a heat proof surface such as the cork backing of a hard place mat, embossing powder/glitter, glitter glues, vintage trim, and a pencil with a unused erasure, foam tape, favorite adhesive.
Juice up your embossing pad and prime your pencil erasure. Simply rub it across a patch of carpet until it does not have a hard surface. (remember doing this in High School)? 
Rub your starch pouch on the paper, it will help deter stray  emboss granules.
Then stamp your pencil erasure into the emboss pad and then onto the paper. After 4-5 stampings, quickly sprinkle with choice of embossing powder/glitter. Continue this routine until you've done all your stamping.
Shake off the excess powder back into your container. If you used more than one color of embossing powder and they start to mix, pour it into a  baggy or other container to use on a later project. :) 
Heat dots with your heating tool and then set aside to cool while you work on the rest of the craft.
I layered my cards with foam tape, stamped the candy with embossing powder, then cut them out and added them with foam tape as well. I glittered the edges of the card layers with glitter glue and added some fabric  

and vintage trim. Including the time for the embossing, this card was made in 15 minutes, tops.

If you liked this card, please leave me a comment and then continue along on the "Hop" with the rest of the participants.  You can start with #1 or go #13 Diane W. Tuggle - she is after Me.  Some of the participants are having giveaways on their blog! 
Happy Blog Hopping!

  1. Terri Sproul 
  2. Chris Hurley  
  3. Cheryl Lindsay  
  4.  Amanda Marks  
  5. Brenda Lee Burfeind 
  6.  Angela Bodas  
  7. Becky Conley 
  8. Leslie-Rahye 
  9. Laura Fisher 
  10. The Robin’s nest  
  11. Carol Berns  
  12. Michelle Cummings  
  13.  Diane W. Tuggle  
  14.  Debra Buckland  
  15. Yolanda Anthony  
  16. Maria Chuy Soto 
  17.  Laura Davidson 


  1. sweet and pretty - great embossing tip!

  2. I love the vintage trim. They look like candy flowers. Hugs, Francine

  3. Bling! Nice & sparkly for the holidays!

  4. Michelle, you made such a wonderful card and I appreciate all the work that went into making it...great job, TFS, Carol

  5. Super SWEET!! Enjoyed Your Card & Tips!

    Many Blessings,

  6. Love the embossing - great card :D


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