Monday, June 18, 2012

Easy Lanyard Key Fobs

Because Dyllan has a summer Birthday, his party favors for the class also doubles as his end of the year gift.
I'm so grateful for our new Hobby Lobby. Otherwise I'd have to buy the kids things that might break in a day or two or never make it home.
Here, because backpack decorations are all the Hobby Lobby, I found 300 feet of the sparkly tie dye lanyard for $6, more than enough for the key fobs and summer activities! Craft Beads $4 for 65ct, For $4, you get 40 split key rings, 30 lanyard hooks, and 10 figure 8 shaped key rings.
There were 3 different colors of the lanyards, I used 2 per key fob.
Measure and cut  9 1/2" pieces. Grab 2 and loop it through the spilt ring, pull the 4 ends  through the bead. Before pulling tight, loop 3" of craft wire through the split ring and into the bead. Pull the wire and lanyard tight through the bead, then wrap the wire around the base of the bead and secure so it's not sharp.
Dyllan helped add the lanyard hooks to each ring. We put these in a snack bag with a copy of his 2nd  grade photo and a nice note. :)

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Lesli said...

Cute idea. Kids love to hang things on their backpacks, purses, and belt loops, too! I bet these were a hit!


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