Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Picnic Designer Crafts Challenge!

 This months theme  is Summer Picnics. Right up my alley as I love to pack a picnic! We bring our own lunch to parks, beaches, day trips and amusement parks. I can always be counted on to have plenty of snacks and food to share. So it's no wonder I have more than one lunch tote. But some of those designs are soooo boring or the sacks are too small. So I set about to make my own.
 To cut cost, I used a old plastic table cloth with a cotton backing. This one is not used anymore because it has some stains and rips. But it's plenty long for extra lunch sacks.
 Then I gathered a few pins, scissors, VELCRO® Brand adhesive squares, a marker and scissors.
 This is then back pattern with length for a fold over flap. I cut 2 pieces of this. When you fold down at the  4 1/2" mark, you'll create the front of the bag. Cut 2 pieces.
*(If you don't want a fold over top, then cut 4 pieces of the back)
 Put the two positive sides together and stitch around, leaving the top of the bag open.
Turn the bag inside out and stitch around the outside then all around the inside to add stability. Hold the pieces tight as you stitch or they will bunch up and distort your bag.
 For the bottom, fold the like so and stitch across.
Cut a bit of the table cloth to make the handle.
 Stitch to the inside of the bag.

I used VELCRO® Brand adhesive squares for the enclosure.
Well I hope you liked this! You are probably getting ready to dig out that old table cloth right now.  :)
The cotton backing adds the perfect insulation. And if you don't have one of these table cloths already, you can get them fairly cheap anywhere picnic items are sold.


CindiB said...

Super cute. Love how you used the tablecloth! :0)

Linda said...

Great idea...Love it. Great use of a tablecloth.

melony bradley said...

Love how you recylced a plastic table cloth. cool project

melony bradley said...

Love how you recylced a plastic table cloth. cool project

Cindy Rippe said...

This would be a great bag for the back of a car seat too. The plastic tablecloth material is so cute used this way.


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