Handmade Christmas Decorations

 It's the first Monday and the Designer Crafts Connection is posting handmade projects for Christmas which I'm sure you'll love! From gifts, ornaments to easy decorations like these tissue paper flowers I made.

 To make these easy flowers, you will need 8 identical cut out circles. Then you'll want to fold each one in half and then in half again. Next fold at the point so you have a pie shaped piece.

 Have a small circle of tacky tape available, or just spread tacky glue onto a circle of paper. This will be your flower base. Holding the pie shape by the corner, snip the top corners off to make a point, like a diamond shape for each flower petal.

Place four petals at a time on to the sticky circle as shown below. Then add the other four. This guarantees a even placement of the petals.
 When all the petals are in place, add a dollop of embellishment glue and place buttons, rhinestones, or continue adding another round of small petals like I did with the lower left flower.
 Use these to adorn wrapped presents, tags, or treat bags!
Thanks for coming by, - Michelle Frae Cummings


Anonymous said...

These are really cute! Love that it is easy enough for anyone of any age to make. Thank you for sharing!

Terry Ricioli Designs said...

Great idea for embellishing gift bags! I'm also keeping this in mind for spring. It would be a great craft for my kids group.


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