January 3, 2014

Rainbow Loom Storage

I'm pretty sure that by now you have heard of "Rainbow Loom"!
Dyllan received his first loom kit for a job well done, doing a solo bit on his electrical guitar at the Schools talent show.
He received his second loom kit from Santa on Christmas day.
Since then he has acquired quite the collection of rubber bands, add-ons, made creations and instructions.

We were struggling to keep everything organizing.
Things were always toppling, spilling on the floor, baggies here, baggies there...rubber bands on the floor, in the couch ...on the bed!
 He already had the compartment containers. I buy those as needed from Harbor Freight.
As you can see in the top right photo- one container holds the finished bracelets, extra compartment dividers, beads and key rings to make back pack charms.
The other two contain the rubber bands. 

Went to Michaels craft store today.
They were having a Sale on storage containers- %50 off!

Dyllan is holding a portable Scrapbook File box by Iris.
This fits everything you see in the photos above.
The file box lid holds instructions, bracelet connecters and a package of glow rubber bands (keeping them separate) so he can tell them apart from the plain white rubber bands.

We also purchased by Iris, a 3 piece set of supply cases.
The long one holds both looms perfectly, with room for more....
The medium box holds the random color mix rubber bands, plus any we find loose around the house.
The smaller box holds his figurines he makes with the Rainbow Loom, at this moment most of them are Mine Craft.

So there you have it.
A solution for the amazing fad that just might be taking over your home when it doesn't need to be.
Glad to be of some help!

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