Friday, April 25, 2014

Charity Wings 1 year Anniversary Party- Listen to Your ART.

This Sunday, Dyllan and I will be attending the 1 year Anniversary party at The Charity Wings Art Center! We are very excited! I have worked with Charity Wings in the past and I am glad we can go and support  them!

 I created this mixed media piece for the events silent auction. I secretly wanted to keep it because it turned out so amazing and beautiful. But then I thought it would not be fair since I created it with the intention of someone at the Art Center party "needing" it more than I do. Art heals. So maybe this will 'speak' to someone as the process 'spoke' to me.
You can view how I created this piece here.
Hopefully we will see you on Sunday? If not, have a great weekend!
- Michelle

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