October 12, 2014

12 Spooky Halloween Crafts!

Halloween....my favorite time of the year.
When we get to dress up and be scary!
Then there's the food, music, candy and oh my...the crafts!
Don't you just love Halloween crafts?
Cute, vintage, creepy and funny?
Well, here are 12 Spooky Halloween Crafts to get you started.
Check back soon for more Halloween inspiration!

1. Creepy Voo-Doo Spider Dolls.

2. Mixed Media Pumpkin.
3. Stamped Boo Vase
4. Witchy Woman
 5. Boo Garland.
6. Day of the Dead ATC's
7. Vintage Inspired Candy Bowl.
8. Creepy Doll Head Earrings.

9.  Beaded Spider
10. Halloween Card
11. Haunting Decor
12. Jack-O-Lantern Jars


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