October 27, 2014

Holiday Display with Deflecto

 I love all things Halloween and bats, don't you? 
In the past, I've tried hanging them in  windows with suction cups, but then they cant flutter and twirl as bats do...
It was pointless to try to hang a hook because the window structure is metal, so no help there.

Then I discovered a fantastic way to hang my bats and other decoration by way of Deflecto!
I used Sign Hangers,  some "s" hooks and fishing line.

 I traced and cut bats from black cardstock and used this wet erase marker for the eyes.

 The sign hangers come with a strong double stick foam square. I placed the squares on top of the window, just behind the blinds. I added the hooks and hung the bats. So easy!


 With Halloween and other entertaining events coming up, I thought I'd get a head start on some place cards.

 Also by Deflecto, these black plastic Sign Tags work really well with a Top Note die and Sizzix Big Shot! The Sign Tags come 10 to a package and are 4 1/8" x 5 7/8" each. They also come with the wet erase marker I used for the bats.
After I ran the tags through the big shot, I cut them in half- as shown.
The wet erase marker works beautifully when writing names or adding designs!
The Display Holder keeps the place cards upright on plates and tables.
 Done entertaining? Use a wet cloth to clean the tags so you are ready for the next event.
You can even use them in your studio!
 Flip the place cards upside down, and use them with a Versa Grip Sign Holder for storage bins!

 I love how one end of the clip is 'narrow' and the other end 'wide', perfect to hold signs and tags.

 So...what to do with the leftover sign tags plastic?
Decorate them with the wet erase marker, then add some strips of magnet sheet to the back with double stick tape.

 Presto! A instant piece of art for the refrigerator!
Thank You for coming by.
You can view more Deflecto items here.
Visit them to see where you can purchase these items in a store near you!


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