Deflecto Chalkboard Easels!

 I'm having so much fun with these new Chalkboard Easels from Deflecto!
They measure  5 7/8" x 9 1/2" x 5 1/4" and fit on any mantle, table top or book case!

 Deflecto carries an assortment of Wet-Erase Markers, perfect for chalkboard writing!

 To achieve the used chalkboard effect, scribble your white Wet-Erase Marker all over the board. Give it a second to dry. Then wipe it with a wet napkin. Give it a few seconds before wiping with a dry napkin. Ta da!

Let each Wet-Erase Marker dry completely before adding the next color.
If you  make a mistake in your writing, simply wipe off with the wet napkin and follow quickly with a dry napkin.

 Here is another take on a Chalkboard Easel design. 
 Looking for some new ways to display family photos or artwork?
How about this Curved Magnetic Frame?
The back ground is a shiny black acrylic. The magnets make the frame easy to place photos, certificates or artwork. The attractive design of the frame allows it to stand alone.

 This 5x7 Clear Easel Frame is just stunning.
 A previous years hand made Christmas card looks so elegant in this frame, as if it's floating!

 Deflecto has these great Sign Hangers that work anywhere and everywhere! 
Last month I used them to hand some 'bats' in a tight windowsill. 
Here, I have added one inside a display case to show off a new ornament!

Thanks for coming by! I hope to have inspired you with some Chalkboard fun!

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