February 2, 2015

Easy Sew Felt i-Phone/camera Pouch

 My last i-phone pouch I made was super cute but also so close to the  size of the actual phone that it  hardly left room for anything else. So in making this pouch, I designed it to have a extra pocket to store money, credit cards and what-nots. I also put this a cute puffy heart on the front for added protection and to make it easier to find/feel in my purse. 
Flip over outer felt and place your inner felt  inside folded as shown.
Fold over remaining felt so the cut window and sides align nicely.

 When sewing the sides, remember you are going through 4 layers of felt, use a hard surface or a thimble to help push the needle through. First use a running stitch along the sides, then a blanket stitch to finish.
Use your pinking shears to cut the corners of the top flap as shown.

 Sew your velcro in place.

 Cut your leftover felt scraps into little bits and use to stuff your heart.
I learned this idea from friend Jennifer Priest.
Super fantastic! No more waste. 

 Here you can see I have a slot for my phone and a slot for my 'extra's.

 The pink felt shows you the actual size of my phone. This pouch is also perfect for a little camera too!

 All I have left is to add a wrist strap, but I can't decide.
Ribbon, felt, cord, elastic....what would you do?

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