April 3, 2017

Faeries in the Garden!

 Nothing says spring like spotting little faeries in your inside and outside garden!
This is a collection of  Flower Faeries that has grown over the years. They do tend to fade since they are mostly outside or in a sunny window. I do bring them in at at the start of winter so not to succumb to any elements.

 To keep up their appearances, I Paint them with a medium that works well for resin or plastic- Inka Gold. But you can use any like minded paint.

 I choose colors that are similar to the original design and that have a bit of 'sparkle' in them!

 I finish each fairy by adding some iridescent glitter glue to each wing.
They gotta have their sparkle right?

 Here is one smelling the flowers.

 Enjoying some shade of Christmas Cactus.
 Protector of the crystals.
 Succulent lagoon Goddess.
 Prince of the forest and his trusty steed.
 Little flower girl.
Succulent baby.

Hope you have enjoyed my Flower faeries, please visit here for more Spring Inspiration!


  1. Michelle, these are beautiful! My grandchildren have a faerie garden. The little faerie smelling the flower and the prince with his horse are my favorites. Question: one of my resin fairies has a broken arm. How do you fix this or what kind of glue do you use that will hold? Dspaperstudio@aol.com


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