March 23, 2017

Sugar Skull Day of the Dead Blog Hop!

 Hello everyone, 
Welcome to our Sin City Stamps Blog Hop!

My name is Michelle Frae Cummings and I live in California, USA
I am the Inspiration Team Leader for Sin City Stamps 
and the Designer of these Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls
which are featured in this blog hop!
Growing up, I have always loved the art and culture of Mexico.
My father often took me on day trips to museums, bazaars, churches 
and even camping, all right inside Mexico!

I love the fact that people use these skulls to honor passed on loved ones, complete with colorful parties hosted in cemeteries,dancing, music, and alters adorned with sweet treats and personal items.

My project for this hop is a faux stained glass art piece.

  1. Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls rubber stamp set
  2. Medallions rubber stamp set
  3.  Petals rubber stamp set
  4. Black ink- acid free and non bleeding.
  5. Acrylic block
  6. 12x12 black cardstock
  7. White gift wrap tissue paper.
  8. Clear contact paper
  9. A unique bowl to trace.
  10. Scissors
  11. Pencil
  12. Assorted colored pens that wont bleed.
  13. Black permanent pens in fine and regular tips.
  14. Zig two way glue
  15. Silver craft foil 
  16. Double stick and regular tape.
  17. Something to protect your workspace.

 Begin by tracing your bowl onto the cardstock. Carefully cut the traced shape out and discard.
Trim your tissue paper to 12x12. Tape the tissue paper securely to your workspace and lightly trace your design.

 If desired, you can use a ruler and pencil to mark off your traced design into four even sections. This will ensure even alignment when stamping.
Stamp your images with the black ink directly onto the tissue paper, careful not to smudge any wet ink.

 When you have finished stamping and the ink is dry, peel off the tape and flip the tissue paper over. Smooth this out and tape the corners and anywhere else so it will not move while coloring.

Always start with your lightest color first. I started with yellow. Then I went onto pink, orange, red,  green then purple.  

When coloring, always let the ink dry before re-applying or the moisture will tear the tissue paper.  I used a blue highlighter to fill in the rest of my design.

After I had finished coloring, I outlined and colored in what was needed with the black pens. Different ink pads vary, so you may not need to do this step. Either way, I think it adds sharpness and  makes the happy colors more vivid.

 When the coloring is all done, cut (2) 12x12 squares from the clear contact paper.  Peel off the backing from one and carefully adhere it to one side of the painted tissue paper.  Repeat on the other side of the tissue paper. - This is basically a cheap version of laminating. 

 Use the double sticking tape to adhere the black cardstock to the most vivid side of your design.
Then draw a folk art like design with your zig glue pen as shown. 

 The glue goes on 'blue' and turns 'clear' when ready for the foil. 

 Place the foil 'shiny-side' up onto the glue and press down, burnishing the foil into the raised glue design with your fingers.  Peel away the foil to reveal the fun!

 Cut away the excess cardstock.
If desired, add some more glue and this time use colored foil.

 Hang in a window for all to enjoy!

Thanks for coming by, I hope you liked my project and liked my stamps!
Leave me a comment here and let me know what you think. :)

Here is the list of participants, don't forget to end your hop on the Sin City blog for your chance to win 1 of 3 Sugar Skull Day of the Dead stamp sets we are giving away!

 The blog hop will end on March 27th and the 3 winners will be announced  on the Sin City blog and on our FB Fan Group on March 28th.

Happy blog hopping and good luck!

Blog Hop Participants:

  1.  Sin City Stamps
  2. Michelle Frae Cummings
  3. Katie Lamb
  4. Chris Pozzi
  5. Irit Shalom
  6. Shilpa Nagaonkar
  7. Sharon Rogers
  8. Jenn Gary DuBell
  9. Monique Van Dijk
  10. Adam
  11. Kim Johnny
  12. Granne
  13. Anne


  1. Wow this is fab!!!! Lots of work but well worth the great effect of the finished creation!!!! Love your gorgeous stamps Michelle!

  2. Love the bright colors. Really interesting technique.

  3. Fabulous creation and love the bright colours

  4. Great colors!! Neat project Michelle!

  5. Great color choice and love the gold foiling.

  6. I enjoyed hearing why you designed the sugar skull stamps Michelle. You put a new perspective on them for me - thank you. Your project is lovely. My favorite part was at the end when you added the rainbow colors to your border! That said... I enjoyed reading your step by step for the entire project. It's a unique and fun piece of creativity and the bright colors are wonderful. j.

  7. Awesome! Fantastic colouring on tissue. I may have to give this a try...

  8. beautiful I love the bright colors

  9. Beautiful bowl, I loved your introduction and then all of the wonderful step by instructions! You are a fabulous artist!

  10. LH my goodness what a fab design...and the colours....i am in awe of that...fantastic work xx

  11. What a great "execution",such a simple way to make stained glass.

  12. I love the idea of stamping on tissue paper and then coloring it. Very creative!

  13. Cool. What a fun idea for a window hanging. A lot of work, but so pretty. Hugz

  14. wow...those colours are so so beautiful fantastic idea you got there.Super work Hugs Agnes

  15. Love this technique Michelle! Awesome Sugar Skull sheet xx

  16. Excellent step-by-step tutorial. Love the colour choices and the intricate design. Great job, Michelle.

  17. Really love this beautiful faux stained glass! So effective. The highlighter tips are so helpful. Love it Michelle such a perfect use of your beautiful stamps!

  18. Great this idea.

  19. :) I really like the dark challenges with the bit creepy and interesting touch of dark dreams :) as well as the skulls-tamps :). The blog hop is a wonderful idea and the prize amazing :) - so I try my luck!

    The technique and the great platically effect of your project is wonderful :). The colors are amazing and playful arranged! Thanks for showing the making of - I enjoyed the step by step process :)!

    Hugs Senna

  20. So gorgeous, reminds me somehow about oriental mosaics, maybe the colors and the richness in patterns. Fabulous work.

  21. I know I posted on all these I'm gone...poof lol


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