Mexican Folk Art Swap

New Art Swap!

The theme for this swap is: Mexican folk art.
(Charms, bracelets , necklace , pendants, hair clip, earrings...)
🌵 Day of the dead, sugar skulls, spirit animals, Pinata, fiesta, Milagros, Frida, punched tins and such. .
Must be 80% handmade.
Lots of bright colors.
All items must include a ATC or tag to match. - Your name and info
Sign up deadline, April 30th
(after you have rsvp'd, please message me your e-mail and mailing address)
Will post head count by May 2nd.
Time sensitive and due (no later than) May 31st.
* Just like any swap in the past, please wrap up or place your swap items and cards in a size appropriate bag. I will determine the cost of shipping once I have the final head count.

Follow our facebook group for updates!

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