Making Jewelry with Rinea Foiled Paper

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Today I am participating in a product showcase blog hop featuring  Rinea!

Rinea has this foiled paper that is stunning to look at but equally fabulous to create with!
It can be folded, torn, dry embossed, wet embossed, crumpled, sanded, curled, stamped and more!

Here I have used the foiled papers to make some gorgeous beads for jewelry making.

To get started, you will need the following:

  1. Love variety Pack 
  2. Turquoise/Gold Glossy Solid 
  3. Scissors
  4. Tombow mono liquid glue
  5. Bamboo skewer
  6. Straws, assorted sizes
  7. Washi tape
  8. Gold leafing flakes
  9. Diamond glaze
  10. Wet wipes
  11. Jewelry making supplies-beads, string, elastic cord...

The art of paper bead crafting has been around since the Victorian age.Women would use leftover wall paper to roll their beads, then seal them with beeswax. They would then string up the beads to make curtains or room dividers. Since then, people have been making these beads with magazines, patterned paper and even comic books!

Once you get the hang of rolling the beads, you can customize your pattern to suit your style.
Try these ideas to get started. 

Since the foil holds its shape so well, I simply folded the paper like a accordion, then cut along the creases with some scissors.

  • The longer your strips are, the fatter the bead.
  • The base of your strip determines the width of your bead.

  • Add a little bit of glue at the base of your strip and all along to the tip.
  • Use the glue sparingly, because as you roll, the glue will spread out along the strip.
  • Let this set up a bit before you get started. The tackier the glue, the tighter the hold.

  • Starting at the wide end, begin rolling the strip around your base. If using a skewer, make sure you are able to slide the bead off when done or adhere the strip directly to a straw before rolling.
  • *Roll tightly! Spaces between the layers can cause the bead to unravel later.

  • Accent your rolled beads with thin strips of washi tape...

*Here I used a elastic cord and some paper beads to make a bracelet.

  • Save all your extra paper scraps. These can be used to accent the beads with contrasting colors. Don't forget, the backside of the solid colors is gold! So so pretty!

  • The recommended adhesive will leave a sticky residue on the beads, mostly from your finger tips while rolling. Don't worry, you want this! Simple cover any tacky areas with some gold leaf. It really adds a nice touch to the beads, don't you think? So posh!
  • Use the wet wipes to clean the glue from your fingers and skewers as needed.

  • Seal your beads by painting them with some diamond glaze and set out to dry before assembling with your favorite jewelry beads and findings. 

Just gorgeous! Like candy!

Thanks for coming by, I hope you have enjoyed learning how to make jewelry with Rinea Foiled Paper.

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*I have used Rinea's foiled papers countless times, I love the endless ways to manipulate the foil!- see my past projects here.


Susie Bentz: My Time to Play said...

Lovely and colorful - and very DIY do-able! Using a straw is a great tip. Thanks for the inspiration!

Sue Eldred said...

Wow, this is stunning.

Terry Ricioli Designs said...

Wonderful beads! Love the contrasting accents!

Nadine Carlier said...

This is awesome, Michelle! Absolutely love it!

Janet Trieschman said...

I made a bracelet too - I love your idea of using straws for stability

Betsie Morris said...

Thank you for sharing how to create these types of beads. I would have never thought to use straws!

Susan M. Brown {sbartist} said...

Michelle - thanks for sharing such a clever and pretty way to make paper beads. More importantly a way to repurpose those pesky plastic straws. Happy Earth Day!! :)

tuneintotrish.com said...

WOW!!!WOW!!! WOW!!! I want to wear this!!! your product is beyond amazing and I love how you showed how to make the beads too!(Thank You)


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