DIY Ribbon Bookmarks with Gwen Studios

These ribbon bookmarks are a great way to bring new life to old jewelry.
A quick and easy craft for the whole family.
Make a bunch (like I did) and tuck them in a book or gift them on their own!

* As a design team member for Gwen Studios,
I am provided with product to work with each month.

To get started, you will need the following:

  • Any Gwen Studios Ribbons, 1" or smaller
    Ribbon Clamps (2 per bookmark)
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Scissors and a ruler
  • Assortment of old jewelry, lone earrings, charms and beads. (2 per bookmark)
Measure and cut your ribbon at 10". Final book mark length will be about 9". Make sure you are using sharp scissors when cutting your ribbons to help deter fraying on the ends. 

Fold the ends of the ribbon at about ½". If you are not able to get a crisp fold, add a little bit of double stick tape under the fold. Use your thumb and finger to firmly hold the ribbon in the clamp while you crimp one side with the pliers. Then you can finish crimping the rest of the clamp. Repeat process at the other end of the ribbon.

Attach your made charms to each end with jump rings or lobster claw clasps. 
So pretty!

So as you can see here, I got a little carried away in making the book marks.
I couldn't help myself! All the ribbons are just so pretty and compliment the charms so nicely.
See a ribbon that you like? Click any of the links corresponding with the numbers above.

1. Plum Fancy Trim    2. Pink Satin     3. Sweet Shop    4. Rhinestone Fancy Trim     
5. Mint Green Burlap     6. Sweet Shop      7. White Fancy Trim     8. Emerald Green Satin    
9. Sweet Shop    10. Tropical      11. Pink Burlap     12. Sweet Shop 

Find your favorite Gwen Studios Ribbons at your local Walmart and online at Walmart.com!

Head on over here  to see more creative idea's to make with ribbon!


Janet Trieschman said...

I really like the charms added to the ribbons. This would make a fun kids craft too!

Terry Ricioli Designs said...

What a great idea!

Susan said...

those are adorable!


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