Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Resolutions and a giveaway!

~ The studio is coming along nicely, although I think I'll be sorting and re-sorting my stash for months to come! I don't have any pics to show now but will post some by the end of the week.

Last night, New Year's eve was quite un-eventful. We had Lucille's take out at home, I sat with Dyllan on the couch "trying" to organize some stash but it proved to impossible with a active toddler hanging on to your every move. About 10 pm, Brian broke out the bubbly; sparkling apple cider for him and Dyllan and the korbel for me. I swear I must be getting really old when a few sips of the bubbly and I'm ready for bed! I'd also had a really long day with "the Dyllan" and my body is not in the dance club shape that I so miss!

I watched the ball drop with Dick Clark and could not believe how old he was, and how gone the "pep" was in his voice! Is Ryan Sea Crest the "new" Dick Clark? At least his hair was normal last night.

I stayed up till 1 am watching re-runs of America's next top model and then promptly fell asleep on the couch till 2 am.

Today we plan on visiting Brian's Mom, Susan for a bit before taking a stroll on Aliso Creek Beach. There is just something so healing about the sound of the ocean waves.

Am I rambling? sorry.

Here are my new years resolutions:

1. Keep my studio organized
2. Stay on top of art projects and deadlines
3. Learn to use my sewing machine again
4. Keep in touch with family
5. Keep the house cleaner, or better picked up
6. Try every art idea at least once
7. Smile more, inside and out
8. Ride my bike
9. Learn tap dancing
10. Take up yoga

Now for the giveaway:
Post your new year resolutions here and get in the running to recieve one of 8 Art Packs full of patterned paper, clip art, embelleshments and more!
I will do the drawing's at the end of the day on 1-08-2008!
~(Please make sure your blogger profile is not set as private, so you may be reached in the case that you win! You can also post your e-mail too! )
I'm using these packs as prizes for my scrapbook group as well as being sold in my shop.

So happy posting!
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