Go Figure...

~ My friend Laura of Katydiddy thankfully informed me of what's been wrecking havoc on my life. Little things acting up, making weird noises, strange things happening, just stuff. It's all blamed on Mercury Retrograde. You can read about it here. And what's worse, it just so happens to be focused on my sign, Aquarius! So if the electronics around your house, in your car , any where...are acting "kookey", read here to find out what you should not be doing till after February 19th!


  1. Hi!
    I love the pretties you made for Valentine's Day!! Nice to meet you!

    *Hugs* Dara

  2. Hi Michelle. I got my cookie sheet at Big Lots for around $2 and spray painted it with paint I bought at JoAnns. I've also found cookie sheets at the 99 cent store that are a little smaller and are black.

  3. I know! Batten down the hatches. It's been wild around here.


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