Saturday, January 26, 2008

Simple Treasures

~ This bird in cage came from Brian's work Christmas party last year! It was the table decoration. As soon as I saw these, I knew I'd have to have one. I kinda purposely sat Brian and I at a table with guys that worked in recieving and two other couples that were really not into the center piece that much. Every now and then I would reach out and "pet" it, giving it alittle good energy, At the end of the night when we were doing the traditional pass around the spoon for the centerpiece, they all just said I could have it!
~Since it's large and kinda too bulky for my already overflowing studio, I let it grace the living room, adding to my spring/Valentine decorations! I might add some butterflys on it and have a Faerie or two peeking out from some where in there.

~ These were most of the items I got from last Sunday's flea market fun. I had a list.
  1. Vintage heart items...I found some neat old Valentines.
  2. Trim...Got it.
  3. Cake deco' a few goodies for Easter, and the large ballerina for me!
  4. Wallpaper...could not find any but settled on some pretty gift wrap.
  5. Buttons... definately got them!
~ Since I'm having the girls over for a crop at my house on sunday, (10 of us!), I''ll wait to post new pic's on Monday.Here's what you can look forward to: Overdue and current. ;0) But finally catching up!
  1. Craft Challenge
  2. New's Years Rak winners
  3. 100th post winners
  4. Crown for Kecia
  5. A Hallowen layout
  6. The Sweet heart box swap
  7. The Heart Art Swap
  8. Vintage Heart Swap

~After these are all done and posted,

I'll be working on a Mermaid Swap, Art Doll, Charms, demo for my February class at Michaels, and a Fashion Exhibtion!

Of course you can be sure I'll make "extra's" of everything to have on hand for give aways or to sell in my shop!

***You may be asking why I took on so many swap's? Well my Birthday is the day before Valentines Day and the thought of getting handmade gifts in the mail makes me happy!***

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