Monday, March 17, 2008

2 Great Things!

~Saturday night, Brian gave me the night off.
I went to La Rana, a family run mexican place by my house and had quite possibly the best Chili Rellano!
~ I then headed on over to Borders book store to read craft magazines and books to my hearts content! Being more familiar with Barnes and Noble, I did not know my way so much around Borders and back tracked around the store alot. This book, Dulac's Fairy Tale Illustrations actually found "Me"! I looked up as I was going through a isle and there it was! I grew up with many of these illustration in my books so I was very happy to have found this treasure!
~ I especially love the dress illustrations which will further my making of my Toy Theater that is in the works for a Catherine Moore group.

Next to share is that Enchanted hits the stores on March 18th! Yea!
I can't wait to put it in Dyllan's easter basket!
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