Prepare to get Wet.

~ No pictures today sorry. I still don't know how to use my hubbys professional grade photo shop and will have to wait until he get's home from Canada on Saturday. For a while, Dyllan was calling it Can-and-ada and now he calls it Candy-da!
~ Got off to a late start in going to Disneyland with Dyllan today (thursday), but got there about 1:00pm. We picked up his photo id pass in D-land then jetted over to California Adventure to meet up with some friends.
While waiting, Dyllan had his photo taken with Pluto, Jo Jo, Dopey, and Snow White.
~ So then our friends arrive and we hit a few rides in Bugs land before finding a space to watch the parade.
~ Prepare to get wet. That's what the cast member said to me. So we are all hanging out and the parade opener is Lighting McQueen with dancers around him holding spray bottles pretending to give the car a wash, when they are really spritzing the crowd. No biggy. We can handle that. Or so we think.
~Next come the characters from Monsters Inc. Dancing and a large float with Mike and Scully on there spraying the audience. Trailing were 2 guys in the yellow jumpsuits squirting people at will. So we all start hiding our camera's in our coats, thank god I was not wearing my hearing aids!
~ Next is the Incredibles standing on these space age hover crafts, followed by the baby incredible on that octopus like machine that get's defeated in the movie. The arms of the machine are controlled by cast members who aim at the audience and shoot water out, not squirt, not spritz, but shoot. I had to sheild a friends baby in her stroller from all the water while we all kept a eye on the kids who were getting soaked!
~The characters from Bugs land come up the way, and as you are entranced and humored by heimlichs little dance you get a face full from the bugs land float! And then you are mesmerrized by the amazing acrobatics on the float and watch in awe as a arc of water comes out of a oversized flower and lands on your friend, but before you can laugh, you get a earful, of water too!
~ I totally loved this whole parade! It was colorful and surprising . I'll just know next time to put away the camera and cover the stroller so it does not get so drenched!
~ Dancers come gliding with shimering animated Nemo characters, and the overhead light post spews endless amounts of bubbles that delighted the children to no end. Sea turtles, jelly fish and more soaking. ( you might want to bring an umbrella)
~ Next we are greeted by tall chefs on stilts with plastic hair , leading the way for a Rat-tat-toulie float. Swinging mice, and more water comes out of truly unexpected places.
~ The Toy Story Characters and float was the icing on the cake. The martians in their space ship squirting water from their ray guns, I got hit dead on in the face and so did my friends baby.
Mater from Cars ended the parade and it was over. Cast members were mopping up the ground, bubbles were still flowing and we were wet. Our strollers were wet. The kids had bubbles in their hair.

It was alot of fun! But prepare to get wet!


Natasha Burns said...

Sounds like so much fun Michelle! I hope it was warm enough to get so wet?

Heather Grow said...

Thanks for the warning. I got spit on by a walrus at Sea World when I was a kid. That was wet!

Maminka Girl - Loribeth Robare said...

Got my sweet little birdy and nest today and thank you for all the thoughtful details! It was so sparkly and girly that my daughter has laid claim to have it decorate her dresser for now! Love all the extras, especially those rhinestone earrings. I will find a way to use those for sure. Thanks for a great swap, Michelle.

RedBessBonney said...

That parade will be awesome when it's hot this summer!

Alison Gibbs said...

What a fun time Michelle.

Bristol said...

That sounds like a fun time. At a annual company meeting in Orlando, we always get soaked on the water rides~


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