Charm Swap!

~ So here is the outcome of the Spring Charm Swap that I hosted! This was my 2nd Charm Swap and I think everyone did a wonderful job!

I made the wire wrapped nest charm. The above nest is one I made for myself for Easter, using glass beads from Czechoslovakia, this is my Mothers hearitage.
~Below are what I included in the swap.
There are so many wire wrapped versions of birds nest out there, most are so perfect in form, they don't look the way nature intended them to be. After making 25 nest, I think I've got the technique down, don't you think? I stained them with alchohol inks to give off the woodsy color.
~ Some of the charm makers are personal friends, involved in my Scrapbook/Altered Art group, some are Fiskateers, and the rest are people I met in the wonderful world of Blogland!

~ I am Fiskateer #915

~ This shrink plastic flower was made by Stephanie Meadows,
Fiskateer #3584

~ Kai Naconi
made this wonderful smashed bottle cap charm!

~ Susan Carroll
made this painted clay square!
also in my Art group

This stamped clay piece was made by
Lene Tingberg,
Fiskateer# 1073,

~Anne Kenney
Hand forged this bronze charm all the way to the jump ring!
California, but just moved here from the U.K.
also in my Art group

Pam Hoffman
Created this paper wrapped bead,
Fiskateer # 3198
also in my Art group

~ Barbara Burkard
Made the most simple and adorable charms. Here it is, front and back.

~Michelle Geller
Made this sodered gem!

~Sheri Leseberg
Created this adorable bird charm, perfect with my nest!

~Sandy Bahn
Made hers to be a charm for a bracelet or cell phone!
Fiskateer# 514

~Valerie Myers
Created this "Special Delivery"!
Fiskateer# 2226

Diana Pohl
Shrink plastic flower
Fiskateer # 4031
also in my Art Group

~ Maya Oren-Dahan
Made a beautiful 2 piece charm.
The orginal bird cut out was also included on a tag included with the charms

~ Melissa Merrill
Made a beautiful sodered pendant too!

~ Roseann Hoyle
Made beautiful beaded charms.
Fiskateer # 2933

~ So there you are!
Please keep a look out for sign up's for my Fall/Halloween Charm swap,
starting as early as August!


Susan Tuttle said...

So many gorgeous charms - I really love that nest of robin's eggs - I think adding a bit of brown ink to the nest is a great idea!


Anonymous said...

this was fun. I'm wondering how the "special Delivery" charm was made?
Thanks for the swap.

Laura Bray said...

Beautiful Michelle! I've been wanting to try to make paper beads-Pam has inspired me further!

~Melissa Merrill~ said...

I received my package of goodies in the mail on Friday. I put them on my bracelet. All of them are great. I posted a picture of it on my blog. Can't wait for the next one. Thank you for hosting.
Living a Charmed Life

Anonymous said...

Hi, I may have to post this under anonymous but I am Valerie Myers and i made the Special Delivery charm. I enjoyed learning all about charms and lobster claws! I still am keeping my charms in their sweet little packages, I just love them all, I can't pick a favorite because they are all so "charming". I used a simple process because this was my first ever attempt at making a charm. I cut out a favorite image, put it on a thin chip board to keep it light. Inked the edges and doodled on the back ( my specialty) and covered with glossy accents! Fun and easy! Thanks again Michelle for putting together such a great swap and your special attention to the packaging was an added surprise!

Pam Hoffman said...

Wow! This was my first swap, first at making the paper bead (glad you like it katydiddy) and first time at making charms!

I've made a LOT of earrings so this was pretty similar.

I'm getting my set tomorrow - Thanks Michelle - and now I have an idea of what will be coming.

I've already asked to be in the fall swap and I'm cooking up something juicy. ;)

Diana and I were able to help each other out a great deal so we are brainstorming together on the fall swap too already.

Thank you ALL for contributing to this swap. I'm going to build something with them and wear them around. Probably a charm-bracelet.


Pam Hoffman

p.s. don't be surprised if you find me visiting your Fiskateer sites soon!

RedBessBonney said...

great charms! can't wait to get mine! (see you Wednesday evening, Michelle?)

Lori said...

what a beautiful assortment of charms...you girls will have the prettiest bracelets around:)

Bristol said...

love the charms, the robin's egg is so neat~

Rosemary said...

All are so pretty and unique Michelle. What a fun swap.

Heather Grow said...

I love your nest. It does look very organic. What a great swap.

Anonymous said...

Roseann #2933
I loved the charms and am enjoying playing with them so much-lol. By the way I am from Arkansas and not Arizona. Lots of people make that mistake.:)

calicodaisy said...

Wow! I've been following your swap and wasn't sure what people would turn in. Those will be great conversation starters and pretty on a bracelet all together. I do love the nest, and the paper bead is pretty, too.
-- Michele C!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed getting my package last week! So many pretty charms! Thanks Michelle for you hard work and the neat packaging. My charms are made from the shrinky dinks. I punched the circles with the circle squeeze punches. One charm was stamped using the stamp by Paula Best. The second was punched out with Martha Stewart dove punch. After that they were colored with colored pencils.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration. Your nest excited me to have a go too. I'd love to be in a charm swap
Sarah, from Down Under Western Australia

zakkalife said...

okay, I just love that nest charm it's honestly one of the most creative things I've seen done with wire and beads in a long time


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