April 4, 2008

So many Questions, so little time!

~ Today is my wrap up day before the Boutique on Saturday, (see post below).
I'm home ALL day and Brian is even taking Dyllan out to Chuck E Cheese for dinner and play tonight. But right now Dyllan is driving me "batty" with all his questions! He's only 3 1/2, but he has so much to say!
~ Last night I had told him that I picked up some croissants for him at the market. Here's how our convo went after my comment.

Dyllan: where you got the croissants?
Me : at the market
Dyllan: where the market get them?
Me: from the bakery
Dyllan: where the bakery come from?
Me: from inside the market
Dyllan: how the bakery get inside the market?
Me: it's a place inside the market that bakes breads and croissants to sell in the market.
Dyllan: how the bakery make the croissants?
Me: groan...

~ So this morning at the breakfast table, he shows me a wind-up music box and ask me how the music get's in there. Since I'd barely started my 1st cup of coffee, I asked him to tell me.
And he did. Complete with a diagram on his magnetic doodle board!

I finally gave in to the power of television and am letting him watch Sesame Street right now as a treat before nap time.
~ And now back to summing up the stuff for the Boutique!


  1. I'm in the wrong state to visit your boutique, but I wish you the best of luck, a great time, and many, many sales!!

  2. love your story! we have similar convo's here, believe me!

    Have fun tomorrow!
    *sprinkles magic sales dust*

  3. Hi Michelle. I'm so glad that my niece and I could go to the boutique today. Your table was so pretty. I love what I bought. Thanks so much.


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