April 7, 2008

Borrego Springs, Ca

~Here is a neat Caboose that one of the residents of the valley has on her property. From what I've heard, seeing a it come down over the mountain, track and all, created quite the buzz in this
small town!

~ Here photo's from seeing the wildflowers in Borrego Springs at the end of March. By Summer, there will be no trace that these existed except in and around area's that have a regular water source.
~ Ocotillo
~White evening primrose

~ Dyllan keeping his "cool" while I was off on my wildflower safari!

~starting to dry up
~Eating the leftovers
~Desert Chicory
~ Ocotillo

~Popcorn Flowers

~ Desert-Marigold

~Desert Sand Verbena

~Desert Lily

~Desert Pincushion
~Desert Dandelion

~All tuckered out!

~Beaver Tail Cactus

~ Desert Lupine
~Cholla Cactus


~ eek, a spider!

~ A little scary walking this ridge with sporadic gust of winds!
~Barrell Cactus
~ Indian Paint Brush

~Ghost Flower

~ Found this old Firetruck while passing through Ranchita, on the way home.

~ The guy in the back even has windshield wipers!



  1. Michelle, your pictures are just stunning:) it looks so beautiful there...what a cutie pie your son is!!!

  2. Gorgeous pictures. It looks like you were there at the perfect time.

  3. Michelle,
    It was so nice to meet you at the boutique this weekend. I have actually been to your blog before!! I sm glad I have a face to go with your beautiful artwork.
    Love your photos.

    Please keep in touch and stop by and say hi.

  4. Great pictures Michelle. What a cute little guy too!

  5. Wow your blog is so awesome and these pictures are an=mazing!!


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