April 12, 2008

The "Perfect" House for Rubber Stamping!

~ In Borrego where my Mom resides, there is the "Perfect" house!
This artist lady lives on the golf course and has a seperate house near my Mom,
filled to the brim of her craft supplies for her to teach classes with!

*** Please click on each and every photo for yummy close up detail! ***

~ Every room in the house is filled with rubber stamp goodeness, the kitchen even has a collection of "food" related stamps and supplies!

~ Who needs wall paper, when you have this many stamps?

~ I also love how she turned a back room into a personal gift shop where she sell's extra supplies ,hand made cards and novelties!


  1. Well that is just fantastic! But how does she find anything? I'd never get any crafting done. I'd always be busy trying to find just the right thing....But totally cool.

  2. Ya know....I bet she knows where EVERY stamp is when she needs it !! This is amazing !!!

  3. OMG!!!! i thought i had allot od stamps, and supplies! wow this is the motherload. what a fun place to play

  4. That is an awesome place to live...think she would adopt me! lol

  5. That's crazy! - In a good way!
    -- Michele

  6. Were you There Michelle?

    Did you take the photos?? Wow. That is truely... I don't even know what.

    A house of worship? That's all I can think. She is in worship of the crafting she does.

    That is Stupendous!

    Thanks for sharing,

    Pam Hoffman

  7. Wow Wow Wow!!!!

    I wonder would she adopt me ;-)

  8. Wow! (That's all I can think of to say...)

  9. I wonder if it is easy to find the stamps you need?

    You must be very organised.

    Wow, what a studio!!!

  10. She is truely a stamping Queen with a castle to rinal all others!

  11. Holy cow, now that is impressive!! Thanks for sharing these pics. It's so fun to see other peoples crafting spaces.


  12. Hi Michelle! Saw your comment on my blog this afternoon. Thanks for the kind comment and for looking at my blog!! Here I am at yours and I have to say OMG, I LOVE IT! And I am especially fond of the faerie in your banner -- hmm! Wonder why!! LOL!! I am adding you to my "blogs I visit" list.

    I would love to have just one whole room (15'x15' at least!) full of my craft stuff. As it stands now, I am in the kitchen, the guest room and the garage. WOW! What a deal, a whole house!

  13. Well that's just insane, I could only dream to have a craft room like that one day. For now my craft desk resides in the storage/mud room and sits beside the diaper champ! No wonder I do all my crafts in the dining room. :)


  14. Judy sent me. What a fantastic blog you have and this is just amazing! Wow am I jealous!!

  15. WOW!! That is a real stampers home. WOW! Again. I am stunned...
    Thanks for sharing. Love

  16. WOW!WOW!WOW! Truly the home of a stamper! Wish it was mine =0)


  17. And I thought my friend's STORE had a lot of stamps! This is truly amazing - WOW!

    Here's the link to my post about Stamp Delights in La Mesa/Grossmont http://gotart4u.blogspot.com/2008/11/got-stamps.html


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