April 22, 2008

e-mail woes

~ Just a little post to let you know that I've been having e-mail issues with my hotmail since saturday. My hubby was kind enough to help set up a new account on our computer for me as my old one was missing some important applications with no sign of a virus. I can still access my old account for file and photo files but I had to re-book mark for any important links including remote e-mail accounts. Cox and Yahoo were no sweat, but Hotmail was a nightmare because first in the process of signing off to re sign on, it changed my password and locked me out. Talk about feeling all the blood drain from your body! I was able to get in somehow and reset my password to a new one, so I'm in. Or am I? I'm getting sporadic e-mails and blog post. I went into options and adjusted the filters and added to the safe senders list too. I also e-mailed for tech support.

~ So I appologize for not responding to comments or e-mails as I usually do, it's alittle hectic around here. Any advice would be helpful if you've gone through the same.



  1. Sounds like fun...not! Hope your woes get better!

  2. I hope everything works out. That would explain it. i sent you an email late last week and had not gotten a reply. Any hoo, it was regarding the stash it forward item I am doing on my blog, drawing will be this friday. It is a great Xyron tool. No pic posted though.
    take Care,


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