Thursday, March 6, 2008

Come it Spring yet?

~ Raise your hand if you are ready for Spring!

~ I took this picture last year at the Carlsbad Flower Fields. I can't wait to go agin! Here is the link if any of you live locally.


Lori said...

well you can't see me but my hand is raised very high:) we have winter storm warnings for tonight:( yuk!!!

girl_gone_thread_wild said...

OO, OO, OO my hand is up... make that both hands! :)

Sure thing, will write you when your squares show... can't wait! Did you sprinkle fairie dust over them to protect them during travel? One for me? You know how to win me over!!! lol Thank you! See you soon, Monica :)

RedBessBonney said...


Rosemary said...

I'm raising my had Michelle.
Have a nice weekend,

Liz said...

Dear, dear Michelle, I am finally back on track, have `done' a post of your fantastic swap treasures. I will email you with more photos.
Take Care and special thanks for such a wonderful swap.
Hugs from N.Z.


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