Thursday, August 7, 2008

August Blog Give-away

~This months give away is about the power of giving.
I will giving away 3 of my nest charms to three unselfish people at the end of this month.

~ Do you believe in Karma? If you don't, you should. Because for every GOOD you do, it comes back to you times 3.
For a chance, or two, or three or more...I'm asking everyone to do a good deed for a friend, neighbor, family member or even a stranger.
*Think how you'd feel if some one did something nice to you...
~ Then come back her and post what you've done.
Here are some idea's to get your Good Karma juices flowing...

  1. Fill up a friends gas tank.
  2. Pay for a strangers coffee at Starbucks
  3. Buy a magazine subscription for someone.
  4. Send someone you just met a cheery card
  5. Help entertain children of a overwhemed mother while in line at a store.
  6. Pay a needy teenager to do something you would normally do your self and enjoy the free time
  7. Mow your neighbors lawn
  8. Visit someone you don't know in a nursing home
  9. Make a big dessert and invite your neighbors to help you eat it.
  10. Compliment a stranger
  11. Put a quarter in a expired meter
  12. Think of someone who made a difference in your life, and tell them.
  13. Help a older person shop
  14. Buy extra copies of your favorite inspirational book and give it away.
  15. Smile and give a warm greeting to someone you feel like advoiding.
  16. Bring a meal to someone who just had a baby or has been ill.
  17. I'm sure there's more...

Please read THIS. It is a post by my dear friend Nina and the similarity of our "Giving" post is un-canny!


~ So post here as often as you can on this thread about the good you've done from this moment forward. Make sure I have a way to reach you in the case that you might have won.

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