Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The "Lost" Art of Make Believe

~ Thought I'd share something cute!
Dyllan LOVES to play with boxes of any shape. Using them to transport toys, for make believe trains, space ships, or to even hide in for hide and seek!
Brings back memories of as a child we lived in the desert, where everything was ordered from a Sears catalog and came in enormous boxes that were turned into forts and grocery stores.
Now, we don't even think twice about throwing out a box, it's goes straight to the dude.
Sometimes I cut out holes for train tunnels and if one cherished box is damaged beyond play-use, we have to dismantle it in the garage so he can't see us doing it.
I think "Make Believe" is a Lost Art.
To many parents give in to their children, spoiling them with mountains of toys, teaching them not to appreciate what they have. I see it everyday.
Here at home, we try not to overstimulate Dyllan with things he does not need. Early on in his baby days, we kindly asked people "not" to buy him battery operated or comercialized toys.
Now days what he does recieve from the store is a much coveted toy (usually Star Wars) , used as a award.
Often we hear Dyllan ask me ( the Momma) to "make" him something that he see's.
So I try.
Now, just because I am a Artist, does not mean I can create well out of my comfort zone, so some of my "creations" for Dyllan are not store bought quality, but he loves them just the same.
-I have made a Rocket ship out of Wrapping paper rolls and snow cone cup and craft supplies.
-A very large Green Piggy Bank from a 2 ltr sprite bottle and corks.
-Tunnels out of boxes
-A drum from a oatmeal box
-A Train Conductors watch from scrap paper, ribbon and a watch stamp
-a Treasure organizer ( rinestones he finds on the floor from my crafting) with a compartment pill box
...and I'm sure there is more!

~ Please feel free to share what you have made with things around the house for your children.

I would love to hear some new idea's!

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