Monday, January 5, 2009

Teeny Tiny Love!

Is what I've been working on over the holidays.
A new wire wrapped creation for my shop!
Measures 1" x 2" with a teeny tiny nest inside.
Complete with fresh water pearls.
Better yet...nest comes out!
and as promised in my Happy New Year post, I'm giving one of these adorable teeny tiny bird cage with nest away !
And the winner is....Marla!
Her resolutions were...
1. make time to craft.
2. send more cards out.
3. take time for friends and family.
4. exercise more. marla#3291 (fellow fiskateer)
Congratulation Marla, and thanks to all the ladies that posted with their New Years Resolutions too!
Lastly....I have one more give away!
I had to buy a new cell phone today as my other one which lasted over 3 years, conked out yesterday.
The new phone is a Lg-8350.
Same as my husbands, but his is dark silver and mine is blood red. Really cool.
I'm giving away a few samples of my Pink Lemonade Yarn Swags that you can see in my shop Here!
Each sample swag consist of 10 strands of Fibers and Trim.
Each strand is 1 yard long equaling 10 yards of wonderful lovelyness to be added to your art cards, scrapbooking, dolls, tags and more...!
Want one?
All you have to do is be the first to guess my new Ring tone on my phone!
It's the theme song to a popular movie!
Good luck!
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