Saturday, December 27, 2008

A day to my self

~ At last I am alone.
Brian has taken Dyllan off for an adventure of riding the train to Los Angeles and back.
They will be gone for hours...
Today is my day of no "4 year old" interruptions of getting my studio in shape for the New Year! I have big plans for the studio this year. Today I'll be just organizing things back in their place so I can get started on new projects.
My plans for the future involve putting up shelves in wasted spaces, those out of reach areas to display my pretty inspirational pieces and to use their old places for shop items and materials to make new art!
I'm pretty good with recycling odd stuff to make new storage holders but am open for idea's on how I can store all my wooden/acrylic stamps for easy access!
~ Hope you are all having a good weekend and I'll post when I can on my studio progress plus photo's of our Christmas Holiday!
P.s. the above clip art is for you!

1 comment:

Kristi B. said...

Enjoy your day! I have a scrappy day all to myself too & will be doing the same thing as you. :o)


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