Disneyland and Dyllan

~ I'm glad I took Dyllan to Disneyland earlier this month, before the rains started. We went on a few rides and he participated in Jedi training again. He's getting really good at it and follows instructions well!
Here he is goofing off in pictures , just having a good time.

~ I was alittle bummed when I found out the park was closing at 6pm for a cast party. That meant heading over to California adventure would be out of the question as everyone else would be there too.

The main thing I wanted Dyllan to see was the parade. Because the older he get's ...the more wonderful things are! My favorite's were the toy soldiers and reindeer. Dyllan loved them all!

~ While we aere waiting for the parade, some nice people scooted over and gave us some curb space. I entertained Dyllan the best I could for 30 minutes. 1 minute before the parade starts Dyllan whispers alittle too loud that he has to go "poop"! Because the parade was about to start and I did not have a friend with me...I told him to hold it. I was glad I packed a spare change of clothes and envisioned having to throw away his underware. He did hold it during the parade but not before he "tooted" a few, and it was quite smelley. I hoped people thought that the smell might be coming from the babies behind us!
So sfter the parade, we make a bee-line to the bathroom where he proceeds to go nothing, saying he really did not have to poop, he just had to fart!
So we head over towards the exit where there is a film about the history of Disneyland hosted by Steve Martin and Donald Duck. Dyllan LOVES Donald Duck and cracks up everytime we see that fim. 3/4 of the way through the film.."Mom, I hafta go poop" , ' No you don't', "yes I do!", 'No you don't, now just watch the movie.'
~ after the movie, we went to the bathroom, again.
still nothing.
Now that's it's getting dark and the lights are coming on, I dragged Dyllan by the hand back 'up' mainstreet to get a decent picture of the castle with all its beautiful icicle lights. And because of the early closing, they decide to do the fireworks early as apposed to 9:45pm.
So I'm half holding Dyllan and half not when who should be standing behind us to view the fireworks too..but the nice people that gave us some curb space for the parade!
Everything would have been peachy keen if Dyllan did not start fart while I was holding him for the fireworks! It's cute when they are a baby, not when they are 4.
After the fireworks, we said good bye to the nice people, who said they Dyllan was so well behaved and they enjoyed are company. (???)
Then I took Dyllan to a bathroom outside the parks entrance and told him we would not be going home till he pooped. And he did. Then he fell asleep on the way home where I had a beer.

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Anonymous said...

It's actually a great thing that they do this party. My boss worked the Pirates ride that night. It's a way that the higher ups can give back to the regular joes. I think I'm heading there Monday with the family if it's not raining.


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