Ho! Ho! Ho!

~ Just got home from a all day crop with a friend! 9am-9pm. So fun! I got a ton done including these "cute" cards! I really like how they came out! I started one for a online challenge and enjoyed making it so much that I made some more for a swap and am making a few more for personal greetings!
~ You can't see it, but the Santa is 'raised' with foam tape and don't you love how I made his cheeks rosy?

Here is the prep that went into it...all stamped by hand!

~ Happy Holidays!


RedBessBonney said...

Hi Michelle!

I miss your crops - my only moms only days, but I understand you have to have your rules about the group...

I've given you an award - check my blog for details.


Anonymous said...

awesome work! I too stamp my own cardstock when I want to. Its so much fun and you can come up with awesome designs too!


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