Card Swap Crop

~ Last weekend I hosted at my home a Card Swap / Crop with a crafty group I Organize called "West Coast Croppers"
It was our 3rd card swap as a group. The premise is you need to come up with a card for what ever the theme is, make it and then make up kits for the amount of people participating. You pre-cut everything, include the stamps and ink pads and any other embelleshments. It's fun cause you are making the card and sometimes learning new techniques or even old ones!
~ Our theme this time was "Thank You"
This cute card was designed by Brenda. I made mine with just the boy stamp, but love the vibrant colors!

Pam's daughter, katherine who was visiting from the Navy made this Garden card.
I liked the lavendar and green , same colors as my wedding. :)

~ Anne made up this practical yet classy card.

~ Here's mine. It came to me in traffic. I used a threading water punch for the trim and around the stamped circle I added mini hearts.

~ Here's a pretty card made by Diane, I liked the use of a paper strip in place of a ribbon.

Pam, made this vintage beauty.

~here's the girls having fun. All the cards and their pieces are brought in a shoe box with the finished card clipped to the front. We just passed around the boxes till they were all done.

~ Top left- Diane, Anne, Pam
Bottom left- Brenda, Katherine, Me.
As of now my group has 29 members with up to 3 meeting per month. We like to craft and we like hanging out with each other!

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Wanda said...

What a fun thing to do. I love crafting on every level, but I have no crafting partner. I moved and she stayed so we craft alone. Enjoy your group. The cards are all great. TTFN


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