Monday, June 22, 2009

Paris to The Moon Costa Mesa CA

~A couple of weekends ago, Brian suggested we go to his favorite Mexican Restaurant called , "Mi Casa" in Costa Mesa. I jumped at the invitation as it's directly across the street from "Paris to the Moon!"

~ But since they closed "Paris Underground" and brought those items into the main shop, it's not the same experience anymore.

I actually felt overwhelmed and little claustrophobic, which never happens to me.

~ All though there were cute stuff as usual, it was all crammed together with no real flow, making it hard to focus.

I'm hoping by Halloween and Christmas that they we get things better organized...maybe open a shop on etsy for over stock!

I don't want to miss out on my favorite shop...

It just felt cluttered and too full.

I was still able to finds some crowns in all that there was...aren't they divine?

~ A little 4th of July flair...

HERE is a past post from a Christmas visit to Paris to the Moon!
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