Monday, June 15, 2009

Busy, Busy.

June 11th was Brian's birthday, but we had the main celebration the weekend before for all June B-days combined. ( his sister in law Genny, his Dad Jim, My friend Teresa and her daughter Sydney) We also invited the neighbors over for burgers and my famous home made Jambalaya.
We set up tables in the garage and the kids played tag, rode their bikes and had fun in our sheltered cul-de-sac.

EVERYONE loved the cake above! I wish I could take credit for the idea but can't. I found the idea here.
I wanted to make it from scratch but knew I'd have no time so I used a Betty Crocker cake mix in a box and made a 2 layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. I added rainbow sprinkles in the middle layer and for the top, I lined the inside with malt balls, (Brian's favorite) and then filled in the middle with M&M's. Dyllan had great fun helping me tasting everything as we decorated!

It was a little tricky to cut, as the malt balls rolled every where, but I made sure everyone received a Kit Kat and candy with their cake slice. It was fun! And a definite crowd pleaser!
For Brian's birthday, Dyllan and I scoured 4 stores looking for those hand held vibrating back massagers. Starting with what I thought to be the most obvious store to carry them down to the least likely store. But we got them! Brian also recieved the movie "Short Circut" which Dyllan has never seen. I think he will love it as he loved Wall-e.
Here you can see something else we gave Brian to use at work. I decopauged Dyllans art work onto a clip board. Sorry for the's hard to get a thin piece of paper to lay down right, but over all, I think it turned out really cute!

For Brian's actual birthday I made a giant chocolate chip cookie cake! I included a ruler in the photo so you can see how big it was! We are still enjoying it to this day!

We went to Disneyland after Brian got off work. If you go on your Birthday you can either get in free, or if you have a pass like we do, you a get a gift card valued at a one day admission to use in the parks stores.

It was packed!!! Everyone was crowding in to enjoy a few hours before the park closed early for Grad night. We went on one ride..."Star Tours" and then headed back to parking stucture. Our car was parked on the top and we enjoyed a great view of the parks fire works!

~Sorry for the burry every boom of the fire works , the parking structure vibrated.
So that's it for now. I won't have another post untill later this week as Dyllan's pre-school ends Wed. and I 'm dropping off my Fair entries on Friday.
Have a great week!


craftyhala said...

Oh that cake looks disgusting...I'll bet it was delicious!!! All that chocolate, oh man...hahaha...I'll have to try that.

Niki_Ray said...

OMG Michelle!! That is a great idea and thanks for sharing I think that would be great for fathers day as well!! Hmm my brain is going now...I have a non cake eater so I wounder could you do the same thing with brownies? HMMmmm lol XoXo Niki_Ray

Alison Gibbs said...

Michelle what a great cake. Hope he had a wonderful birthday

katydiddy said...

I LOVE the photo of the candy cake. So colorful.

Andrea said...

What an awesome cake! Any kids (young or young at heart) would be ecstatic to have that presented to them. How super fun!


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