Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Mini" Me

In my studio I have a folding table that belonged to me, when I was a little girl.
It's old and sometimes needs reinforcement to keep the legs from collapsing, but it's as loved and has memories being added it's a keeper.

Sometimes we color together, but on this one, Dyllan did it all on his own.

Loving the colors he used and how he's staying in the lines better.

If you are wondering about the crayon bowl. I found that one and another a little bit larger at goodwill for a couple dollars each. Completely silver. It still looks decorative on the kitchen table when he colors there too.


Pam Hoffman said...

I LOVE those colors. What a nice, beaming smile too!

Staying in the lines all the time is overrated... ;)

Pam Hoffman

Anonymous said...

fantastic. and the kids got taste! love starwars!!!

michelle said...

Look how proud he is. . . catching up on your blog I am behind this week. ..


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