Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Oh Really...?

" I can handle another snack...my tummies not full yet."
says, Dyllan who will be 5 in one month going on 16th in the appetite department.
This is why I don't watch the food related shows when Dyllan is around.

Today I'm sorting, creating, and getting things ready to be mailed. No photo's today...but I thought some of you might enjoy some tutorials from my favorite blogs...
Happy Creating!

Bottle Cap Lady Bugs

Cake Stand

Duvet Covers

Hula Hoops

Resin Knitting Needles

Top 10 uses for your Coffee grounds



Trendy Bindi said...

I wanted to let you know that I am passing along the Lovely Blog Award to you. You can stop by my blog and "pick it up"!

calicodaisy said...

Great links!

Rhonda Roo said...

Oh my goodness! Every Sunday i go exploring into blogland to find new peeps to adore-tada!

You ARE fabulous! I love your sense of humor, I sent the guy dancing youtube to my mom and sister, your adorable son reminds me of my son, Cody, when he was little, (he's 20 now and refuses to get into the front of the grocery cart anymore, though i do worry about my eggs when he's in charge of the buggy, hee! Well actually, he pretty much stays away from the grocery store, if he can help it, altogether!)

...and oh! your Etsy shop! So many fabulous things! So glad I found you!
Happy day!!

icandy... said...

Nice craft links... I'll check back often! :) Thank you for sharing the creativity.


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