Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Practical Magic Blog Party

This movie is quite possibly one of my favorite movies because it reminds ME
that it is OK to embrace our "inner" witch!
I love it for setting, the house, the wonderful cast and the lovely spells and potions.
So I have put together a few fun things for you that remind me of this movie....

Witch Hat Cookies
you will need:
fudge striped keebler cookies
piped green icing
Hershey kisses (unwrapped)

1. place cookies - chocolate coated side -up
2. pipe a little icing in the center of each cookie
3. affix chocolate kiss
4. pipe icing around seam of kiss,then make the bow
5. devour

(free witch clip art for you)
(free candelabra clip art for you too!)

I think all witches are beautiful...don't you?

(free tea cup clip art for you)

Delightful Ghost Treats
(because all witches need a satisfying snack while working on spells!)
You will need:
fresh baked brownies
large marshmallows
can-o-white frosting
piped black icing

1. place your brownies on a wire cooling rack with something underneath to catch drips
2. dab a bit of the white icing in the center of each brownie
3. place one marshmallow on icing
4. with a spatula, transfer 1/2 of the can-o-white icing to a microwave safe measuring cup.
5. nuke icing at 10 second intervals, stirring each time till it is hot and liquidfied
6. gently and slowly drizzel icing over each marshmallow, starting at the top, drizzle in a circle so that the icing drizzles down, coating the sides and pools on the brownie.
7. use of remaining frosting
8. let cool completely
9. with black icing, pipe black eyes on each ghost
10. be a "nice" little witch and share with your friends... ;)

(free clip art for you)

Thank you for coming to my
Practical Magic Blog Party!
Please fly on over and see what all the other witches are brewing up!
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