Thursday, March 10, 2011

Baby Girl *PINK* Princess Crown & Magic Wand set

When I see pink, I usually think of baby girl or Princess. This inspired me to create this crown and wand set using beautiful glittery papers and Dew Drops from The Robins Nest!
I think any Girl, any age would love to wear this crown and wave her magic wand, don't you agree?
To create this particular set you will need the following:
Shocking pink paper
Pink Classic Glitter swirl
Pink glitter cardstock
Baby Girl Dew Drops
Crown template
scissors, pencil, stapler, pink ink, chunky glitter
Clear tacky glue, Tacky tape or strong double stick tape.
1" circle punch, smaller star punch
Pink tulle and matching sheer ribbon

Plastic party store wand

Begin buy tracing your crown template onto your Shocking Pink paper as show on this post.
Cut out and then cut by free hand a smaller crown version from the pink swirl paper and glue to the base of your crown.

Take your clear glue and squeeze it out along the top of the crown, spreading with your fingers. Then while working over a dish or tray, sprinkle your chunky glitter and press into place. Shake off excess glitter before continuing on to to next step.

Punch out as many circles needed from the pink swirl paper. Distress the edges with your pink ink. When I say "distress", just brush the ink onto the papers edges to give a 'vintage' look.

Punch out stars for each circle from the pink glittered cardstock.

Glue the circle in place on the crown, then add the stars and lastly add some silver dew drops.
For the tulle, I always measure the fabric along the length of the project and count it times three. It's better to have too much than not enough.

The tacky tape is very unforgiving, so make sure you can focus on this step. Cut 2-3" pieces at a time and place at the base of the crown on the inside. When all your tape strips are in place, peel off the red backing. Carefully start pleating your tulle onto the tacky tape, pressing down as you go. Trim off any excess tulle.

Cut a piece of ribbon that will cover not only the front base but the back base of the crown with a little extra. Fold the ribbon in half to find the center. Start at that point on the crown for your stapling. I stapled all along the base of the crown, one staple at a time, then I applied the ribbon the the back base and and stapled again so the front showed little crosses of staples.

Adhere the rest of your dew drop jewels with glue or glue dots.

For the Wand, I simply applied clear glue to the star on both sides and them sprinkled with the chunky glitter. I took several strips of the pink tulle and tied them on the wand, making a tight double knot.

To keep the tulle in place, I folded it down and used some leftover ribbon to create a sort of wand cummerbund.

Please visit The Robins Nest blog for more paper crafting idea's!

Theme for next week...St. Patrick's Day!
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